EDM Service

Product Management Create Custom Fields
Store and manage any type of data. You can create custom fields to store contact data such as drop downs, text fields, radio buttons, and more. Personalize campaigns or segment your lists based on this data.
Reports Management In-depth Segment of Contacts
Send targeted campaigns with list segments that group contacts matching specific conditions about their profile, history, interaction and behaviors.
Visit-Tracking Management Read / Open Tracking
Find out how many contacts are opening your email campaign. You can even view which individual contacts viewed the campaign, how many times they opened it, and the date/time that they viewed your campaign.
Complaint Management Bounce Management
When you send a campaign we will analyze all bounces that occurred from your campaign. We will automatically remark all the non-valid addresses (hard bounces) and keep track of other types of bounce messages.
Member Data Management Auto Responders
Easily add any number of time-sensitive auto responders to your lists. For instance you may have an instant auto responder that welcomes the new subscriber, have a message automatically sent 24 hours after their subscription and have another mailing sent a week later. Add html or text auto responders to any of your lists with ease.

For more details: http://edm-campaign.hk

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